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DWR Are the Coolest
DWR Are the Coolest


I Do cover 300x300

I Do
Whiting Tennis

While his music can certainly be filed under low-fi folk rock, this seems too lazy a description. Tennis drops some influences, clues that get us closer to the truth; Elliot Smith, Nick Drake, Sparklehorse. In Tennis' music you can hear the dark, hard-soft and ominous tones conjured by these artists, but the influence that is the most telling to us is Neil Young. Music as outsider art.

I Do is Tennis' new 2022 anthology featuring some new and some previously recorded but unreleased tracks, including the beautiful piano ballad "Hymn" accompanied by a gorgeous and inventive video



Interior Monolith cover 300x300

Interior Monolith
Claire Tucker

Mining ‘80s electronic, synth-pop, rock and new wave, Claire Tucker’s bold new solo album Interior Monolith seems to be a departure from the wistful chamber-pop sounds of her debut solo EP Same Old Hunters. Listen closely and you’ll hear threads that weave through all her work - lyrics that draw you in, the deeply emotive character of her voice, and her killer sense of melody.

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