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4HrRamona artist

Photo: Diana Adams

4 Hr. Ramona

Not a lot has been said about this melodic and muscular mid 90's alt-rock outfit, and twenty years on, Drums & Wires Recordings is determined to correct this. Led by the unabashedly loud and confident twin-guitar attack and slashing vocals of dual front-people Rich Brisbois (The Buckets, Acme Band, and more recently Lava) and Lisa Brisbois (known for her years spent in the ranks of Seattle's kick ass AC/DC tribute band Hell's Belles), 4 Hr. Ramona unleashed some of the most thoroughly exciting, unapologetic rock music to come out of Seattle that you've probably never heard.

Within 4 Hr. Ramona's music are glimpses of John and Exene, Pixies, Dead Moon, Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, Screaming Trees, the aforementioned AC/DC and even Bruce Springsteen, but these are offered merely as points of reference, you should listen and decide for yourself! Their stories of life on the reservation (Wounded Knee) make the Boss's Jersey shore seem not so rough in comparison, and to drive the point home the band even offers a hard rockin' and convincing cover of Springsteen's I'm On Fire that matches the urgency and grit found throughout their excellent album Pharmacy Park.

The band was rounded out by the hard driving and tight as fork rhythm section of Dug Amundson on drums and Jon Barnett on bass, recording engineer Kevin Suggs (The Walkabouts, The Shins, KEXP), and violin and production assistance by Bruce Wirth (The Walkaboutsglimmer, The Buckets, Long WastedJon Hyde Band).

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Pharmacy Park
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