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Drums & Wires Best of 2020 Anthology
Various Artists
Download: $8.00

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Available exclusively at the Drums & Wires BandCamp store as digital download in MP3, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WAV and AIFF formats.

A Digital Anthology Featuring
Previously Released Songs by

Best of 2020 Artist List

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The Best of D&WR 2020  Ever since the glory days of cassettes - yep, that's right, the 70's and 80's - we've always loved making mixtapes for our friends. And this debut collection of the best songs of Drums & Wires Recordings is no different. We love these artists and their songs and we want you to love them, too. Here's some info about the tunes offered in this collection, we encourage you to learn more about these fine musicians. 

[01] Loose Wing Rainclouds - from the band's 2019 debut, self-titled album

[02] Greg Dember Star in a Jar - from Greg's 2019 album North of the Night Street

[03] Jon Hyde Take and take and take - from Jon's full-length album Tipple

[04] Long Wasted Infinite Mind - from the band's 2020 debut, self-titled EP

[05] Chris Eckman Low Country - from Chris's album entitled The Black Field

[06] Whiting Tennis Teenage Daughter - from Whiting's album Three Leaf Clover

[07] Mike Dumovich Bright Column - from Mike's most recent album The Copper Thieves

[08] Terri Tarantula Circus School, Class of '73 - from TT's album Night of the Leapist

[09] Michael Shuler You (The Shudder of Impermanence) - from Michael's 2019 Love & the Age of Automation

[10] glimmer Blue Angel - from the band's 2019 sophomore release Lost or Found

[11] Rusty Willoughby Wrecker of Hearts - from Rusty's tour-de-force album Cobirds Unite

[12] Johnny Sangster Don't Look Now - from Johnny's debut solo album The Moon on the Ceiling & Other Night Hags

[13] JR Rhodes Freedom - from JR's stunning 2017 release I Am

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