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ChetKane artist

Chet Kane

Chet Kane is a singer, songwriter and bassist who got his start playing bass in Seattle art rock band The Botticelli’s. Chet eventually got involved with Seattle’s Belltown music scene in the mid ‘80s, holding down bass duties with folk-country-punk rock poet Gary Heffern and his band The Cunninghams.
In the early '90s Chet released his debut solo album Tears for Columbia with Germany's Glitterhouse Records that enjoyed some success in Europe. The songs on Tears for Columbia draw their inspiration from the surrounding environment; the landscape and natural beauty that is abundant in the Pacific Northwest juxtaposed with modern urban settings, as evidenced by the lyrical contribution to the album's title track by Chet's brother Paul Kane, a poet who lives in New York and Australia. Chet's songs have also appeared in two Glitterhouse compilation albums Speed of The Sound of Loneliness and Silos and Utility Sheds in 1995. 

Chet continues to write songs and record in Seattle, and as of this writing he is currently working on new music for release in 2021. 

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Tears for Columbia
Format: CD, Digital
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