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From personally participating in Black Lives Matter protests, to donating a portion of our profits to Lifelong.org, and providing links to resources, Drums & Wires Recordings is committed to the hard work of fighting for racial equity & justice, LGBTQ rights, equal access to housing, food & healthcare, and more.

CLICK HERE for the latest, updated links to Donate, Learn and Show Up for Racial Equity & Justice. 




Lifelong delivers food, housing, and health services to people living with chronic illnesses, including HIV and AIDS (formerly NW AIDS Foundation, Chicken Soup Brigade and Evergreen Wellness Advocates). At the end of 2019 we donated 100% of Drums & Wires Recordings profits to Lifelong.org, after paying our artists.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the critical and necessary work that Lifelong does in our community.




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We demand human rights, dignity and equality for all people, regardless of their sexual identity or sexual orientation.



CLICK HERE to learn about the Human Rights campaign - equality for all. 


We want your honest feedback! We recognize that we are learning as we go, and for this reason we openly invite your constructive feedback. Thank you.