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DavidRussell artist

David Russell

In addition to his bands 1 Uppers and glimmer, David has recorded two solo albums and Lenseville, an epic spoken word/musical concept album, drawing on his background in the theater arts, Brill Building / golden age of musical theater songcraft, and his impeccable pop sensibility.

David approaches his songs with emotional honesty, drawing on his own life experiences through his lyrics in such a way as to render his music approachable and relatable.

A host of Seattle musical luminaries join David on his albums - bandleader and producer Wayne Horvitz, bassists Keith Lowe and Ian Rashkin, drummers Andy Roth and Dan Tierney (glimmer), guitarist Tim Young, vocalist Katy Palmer (Long WastedThe Bolos, The Sad Sad Songs, Dodi) and many other extraordinary musicians.

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Parallel Universe
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Corpse or the Groom
Format: CD, Digital
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