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Gary Heffern artist
photo: David Doyle

Gary Heffern

Gary Heffern is the living epitome of the punk rock poet. From his musical beginnings as the lead instigator and vocalist of iconic San Diego new wave punk band The Penetrators, to his years spent in Seattle writing songs, singing and creating artistic mayhem with a colorful cast of characters, many of the whom you'll find on Drums & Wires, the Heff is a deeply soulful, one-of-a-kind artist. 

A select list of artists that Heffern has collaborated with over the years includes Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts, solo), Earl Brooks (Crop Circles), Carla Torgerson (The Walkaboutssolo), David Berger (Tina ChoppCrop Circles), Chet Kane and Terri Moeller Pearson (Terri TarantulaThe Transmissionary SixThe Walkabouts).

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