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Glimmer artist


The brainchild of singer/songwriter and playwright David Russell, glimmer is about that hint of insight and emotional connection that intelligent songwriting and talented musicianship can reveal.

After 4 months as the bandleader of Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Moore Theater, in 2014 David wanted to take a more personal approach to songwriting and performance. Bringing together veteran Seattle folk/rock musicians Michael Wells & Bruce Wirth and local musical theater luminaries Dan Tierney and Susan McIntyre, David has created a polished 5-piece combining the best of both musical worlds.

But it was an unexpected brush with death that catalyzed David’s vision of taking glimmer to new heights of artistry. After narrowly surviving a brain aneurysm in 2014, David turned out a dozen songs exploring the mystery and simple beauty of life, love, and family. A couple of years in the studio with producer Eric Eagle (Jesse Sykes, Wayne Horvitz, Long Wasted) yielded Still Here, a personal, lyrical statement of hope and love, rendered with crafty songwriting, glorious vocal harmonies, impeccable musicianship, and polished production that leave a lasting impression. 

In the autumn of 2019 the band issued their sophomore album Lost or Found. The new album features lyrics examining marriage, mortality, children, purpose, and what gets lost and what gets found during life's second act.   

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Lost or Found
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Still Here
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Songs Collected - Various Artists
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