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Llama artist


Llama are a band formed around the songs of Rusty Willoughby and his voice that seems to have not aged since his early days in Pure Joy, combined with the instrumental chops and musical sensibilities of a few of the finest players to emerge from the Seattle music scene over the past thirty years.

Between 2005 and 2007 the band recorded two albums worth of material, both offered here as a self-titled double CD - record #1 produced by Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks, Thee Sgt. Major, The Young Fresh Fellows and so much more) and record #2 produced by Johnny Sangster (best known as founding member of The Sharing Patrol and his work with Neko Case and Mark Lanegan) who also performed on the recordings. Rounding out the lineup is core member Scott Sutherland (Chemistry Set) on bass, keyboards and singing - and whose muscular, precise and super melodic basslines really give shape to the songs - and the reunion of Willoughby with his original Pure Joy drummer Jim Hunnicutt who proves once again that he has always been one of the PNW's most utilitarian and tasteful drummers.

Llama's sound can best be described as super melodic, post-punk power pop that fits perfectly in the spectrum between the wry new wave pop of Squeeze and the darker punk-pop edge of the Buzzcocks.

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Format: 2XCD, Digital
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