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LooseWing artist

photo: Doug Arney

Loose Wing

Loose Wing is a Seattle band led by songwriter Claire Tucker. Tapping in to a '90s alt-college-rock sound (Kristin Hersh and Teenage Fanclub come to mind) that also feels totally current, Loose Wing's songs lay Tucker's introspective, deeply felt lyrics and the distinct quality of her voice over instantly appealing sounds and melodies that demand repeated listens.

Along with Tucker (Guitars, Vocals, Keys), Loose Wing features musicians Jack Peters (Bass), Jason Merculief (Drums), and Bill Patton (Guitar, Pedal Steel); a band with a collective pedigree that includes stints with Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, J. Tillman, Sera Cahoone, Fleet Foxes, Black Nite Crash and Gold Leaves.

Loose Wing released their first full-length, self-titled album in March 2019, recorded at Seattle’s Crackle + Pop with engineer/producer Johnny Sangster. The album also features Rusty Willoughby (Flop, Pure Joy, Cobirds Unite, Llama, Greg Dember) on drums.

Here's what other's have said about the band...

“Nine songs that fearlessly explore themes of anxiety, isolation, intimacy, and teen angst that has yet to be outgrown.”
— The Big Takeover

“There’s a thinking-it-all-over feeling that calls up ‘Angel of the Morning’ by Merilee Rush and the Turnabouts — another Seattle band, from 50 years ago. They walked the same streets, and maybe some of the same dirt rubbed off.”
— Greil Marcus, Rolling Stone

"Seattle has produced an unquantifiable amount of outstanding indie rock, and now Loose Wing are serving as an example that the area’s still got it."
— Uproxx

"The Seattle-based four piece has created a highly accomplished debut album."
— When You Motor Away

"Captures emotional distress with poignant grace."
— Atwood Magazine

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