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Same Old Hunters cover 300x300

Same Old Hunters
Claire Tucker
DWR05, 2020

“Tickets and Tapes, the first single from Claire Tucker's debut EP, is a lovely and wistful melody that shimmers with woozy guitar and delicate piano."
- Andrew Boe, Three Imaginary Girls

"Tucker is a talented chameleon. Her band Loose Wing made a worthy, ’80s-R.E.M.-ish album last year, and she also guitars for louder shoegazers Black Nite Crash. But in reserving these four songs for a solo EP, she’s got a third, distinctive tact: lovely chamber folk... it’s the spareness of shimmery beds like Mary of Rain, and Tucker’s embedding her siren vocals into them, that lends Same Old Hunters a dreamlike state. Such ghostly warmth and gentle beauty show she’s aced this genre, too."
- Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover

"There is a lot of reference for Claire Tucker’s work — Joni to Rickie pop folk, intimate chamber music, softly sung and intricately produced – but Tucker’s best quality, to stack onto all that, is one of defiance and acerbic wit."
- American Standard

The poetry, melodicism, choice of instruments and meticulous arrangements heard on Claire Tucker's debut solo EP Same Old Hunters recall musical eras far enough in the past to seem nostalgic. However, Tucker and co-producer Colin J. Nelson keep us in the present by making economical use of these sounds and by keeping the focus on Tucker's voice, always front and center and relatively dry in the mix. Tucker's record mines a kind of baroque rock vein, replete with thoughtfully placed fragments of sound, reverb-drenched percussion, harp, mellotron flute and strings, and sweeping choral background vocals. 

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Long Wasted cover 300x300

Long Wasted
Long Wasted
DWR02, 2020

We don’t know exactly what Bob Dylan was getting at when he penned Long and Wasted Years, a song that may or may not be relevant to Seattle band Long Wasted, but if the lyrics on Long Wasted's self-titled debut EP are any sign, perhaps the correlation is not off the mark. There is the bittersweet taste of nostalgia and regret when Dylan sings "it's been such a long, long time since our hearts were true" and Long Wasted's singer-songwriter Katy Palmer, who was a singer for The Bolos and other ‘90s Seattle groups, seems to be getting at something similar. As with any well-sequenced album she waits until the last track, Confounded, to deliver the knockout punch, singing to her longtime life and songwriting partner James Palmer (Ottoman Bigwigs, The Lawnmowers, Dodi) "do you ever want to run away, too? Come find me, come find me, and want me again. Let's start all over again,"  with James’ distinctive guitar line providing the hook, and the answer (we think it’s yes!). The song packs a vocal attack and musical edge that would be right at home on any PJ Harvey album, underlining the tension in asking for more from a long-term romantic relationship.

The six interpersonal pop, folk and rock tunes offered here are the product of the years Katy spent waiting for the time, and the courage, to reassert her voice after years spent raising a kid and navigating the uncertain terrain of balancing a family and day job while staying in touch with her muse. And oftentimes the muse takes the backseat in the family sedan, or more likely can be found desperately hanging on to the rear bumper for dear life. We’re thankful Palmer didn’t leave her muse in the rearview mirror; she's had a lot on her mind all these years and she's ready to let us know.

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songs collected september promo cover

Songs Collected
Various Artists
DWR04, 2020

"A calm comp for worried times from this Seattle imprint, surveying the Emerald City scene for 11 quiet-spun, silken songs. The (semi) familiar names supply fine, spiritual performances... you’ll fall into their hammock of fetching folk and canny canyon pop"  Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover

"...a scene-defining, gorgeous collection of mainly folk-rock songs about the lonely walk we all seem to be on (together, alone) these days; but it is creative redemption, not plague dreams. Forget what you think you know about Seattle, and dive head-first into this Puget Sound of pure musical pleasure."  Chris Estey 

The set ranges from a revelatory performance delivered by Chris Eckman, songwriter for legendary Seattle band The Walkabouts, that captures the moment we're living in so well, to the atmospheric, fingerpicked guitar and deeply felt music of Mike Dumovich, and from the soul-affirming blues of JR Rhodes to the epic folk-rock and pop of Michael Shuler featuring drummer Gary Ferguson (John Hiatt) and bassist Fernando Perdomo (Echo in the Canyon). Songs Collected is an eclectic set of new, original, and exclusive tracks by an extraordinary group of songwriters and musicians at the peak of their talent.


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