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Anytime You Think About Her cover tinified

Anytime You Think About Her
Richard Brisbois
DWR06, 2021

The release of Richard Brisbois' debut solo album Anytime You Think About Her marks a creative leap forward for an artist who's been making music in bands for many years, firmly establishing him as a singer-songwriter to watch.

The album, mostly performed by Brisbois, with vocal accompaniment by Chelsea Carothers on the plaintive "Perfect Black Dress" and production help by his longtime musical compadre Mike Strassburger, is deceptively lo-fi considering the many well placed and interesting sounds layered throughout. The acoustic, chill electric, slide and bass guitars, keys, mandolin, light drums and percussion, ambient sounds and sing-along melodicsm bring to mind the best of early REM and Wilco.


Long Wasted cover 300x300

Long Wasted
Long Wasted
DWR02, 2020

We don’t know exactly what Bob Dylan was getting at when he penned Long and Wasted Years, a song that may or may not be relevant to Seattle band Long Wasted, but if the lyrics on Long Wasted's self-titled debut EP are any sign, perhaps the correlation is not off the mark. There is the bittersweet taste of nostalgia and regret when Dylan sings "it's been such a long, long time since our hearts were true" and Long Wasted's singer-songwriter Katy Palmer, who was a singer for The Bolos and other ‘90s Seattle groups, seems to be getting at something similar. As with any well-sequenced album she waits until the last track, Confounded, to deliver the knockout punch, singing to her longtime life and songwriting partner James Palmer (Ottoman Bigwigs, The Lawnmowers, Dodi) "do you ever want to run away, too? Come find me, come find me..."

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Same Old Hunters cover 300x300

Same Old Hunters
Claire Tucker
DWR05, 2020

"Tucker is a talented chameleon. Her band Loose Wing made a worthy, ’80s-R.E.M.-ish album last year, and she also guitars for louder shoegazers Black Nite Crash. But in reserving these four songs for a solo EP, she’s got a third, distinctive tact: lovely chamber folk... it’s the spareness of shimmery beds like Mary of Rain, and Tucker’s embedding her siren vocals into them, that lends Same Old Hunters a dreamlike state. Such ghostly warmth and gentle beauty show she’s aced this genre, too."  Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover

"There is a lot of reference for Claire Tucker’s work — Joni to Rickie pop folk, intimate chamber music, softly sung and intricately produced – but Tucker’s best quality, to stack onto all that, is one of defiance and acerbic wit."  Sean Jewell, American Standard Time

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