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Nicholas Vroman artist

Nicholas Vroman

Another singer-songwriter deeply enmeshed in Seattle's 1990's and early aughts Belltown music scene, Nicholas Vroman writes and records songs with subject matter and vocal delivery comparable to the sort of disquiet typically considered the jurisdiction of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. The sinuous and sharp bass and drum interplay, Gypsy tinged violin and broken bottleneck sliding across guitar fretboard found on Vroman's recordings conjure a cabaret mood, all thick smoke, mirrors, shadows, and creeky doors, the latter of which make an aural appearance on the excellent album Periods and Question Marks, found here. As sinister as his lyrics can be, there's something uplifting about Vroman's songs that makes you want to jump up and dance... but not before you've had your fill of the poison of your choice, be that brandy, absinthe or perhaps something even stronger.

Involved in the making of Periods and Question Marks is a veritable who's-who of the Belltown music community; Ron Carnell (Tina ChoppOttoman BigwigsThe Lawnmowers) on drums, Adam Griffen from the Metaphonics and a stalwart of the experimental music community on bass, Patrick Perkins (Na Hilahila Boys) on lap steel, Dinu Parvelescu (who is constantly changing his name) has been with many a Balkan music group playing violin, vocalist Jake Weber (Delvros), and Amy Denio playing accordion and singing... and the whole thing was recorded and produced by the incomparable Tucker Martine. 

Willkommen in der Show!

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Periods and Question Marks
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