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Old Ghost artist

Old Ghost

Old Ghost was a band formed in Seattle in 1999 when Jody Schaible and Stuart Wolferman got together with Paul Hutzler and began recording and performing Paul’s songs. Soon drummer Al Echison and multi-instrumentalists Ray Taylor and Zach Erb joined the group and they recorded two albums: Light Returns and Hearts and Coffins, both offered here. Another notable guest musician on both recordings is solo artist Bill Patton who is also a member of Loose Wing.

In addition to being the singer, guitarist and songwriter for Old Ghost, Paul Hutzler is an excellent pedal-steel guitar player who has made appearances on numerous albums including Davidson Hart Kingsbery's self-titled album. Echison and Taylor also play in Drums & Wires Records' house band The Sad, Sad Songs with label founder Michael (Mike Bass) Wells, Greg Dember, Chris Leverson,  Michelle Pearson and Katy Palmer of Long Wasted

Hearts Coffins cover

Hearts & Coffins EP
Format: CD, Digital
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Light Returns cover

Light Returns
Format: CD, Digital
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