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The New Transmissionary Six Album!

Out April 1, 2023

The Transmissionary Six
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Known for their slowcore, shoegazey, ultra melodic indie pop sensibilities, The Transmissionary Six are singer, songwriter, drummer and keyboardist Terri Moeller Pearson (aka Terri Tarantula), songwriter and guitarist Paul Austin, and multi-instrumentalist and recordist Jon Hyde

Joining the group for their new album Often Sometimes Rarely Never are Carolyn Wennblom (Girl Singer), Michael 'Mike Bass' Wells, Chris Eckman, Deni Bonet (R.E.M., Robyn Hitchcock, Richard Thompson), Chris Cacavas (Dream Syndicate, Green on Red), and Matthew Emerson Brown (Hannah Ramone, Trespassers William).  

The nucleus of The Transmissionary Six formed in the early oughts when Terri and Paul met while on tour with their bands The Walkabouts (a band that Paul would eventually join) and Boston's Willard Grant Conspiracy. An enduring musical partnership was formed that has yielded numerous albums and lasted to this day.

With the imminent release of Often Sometimes Rarely Never, the first Transmissionary Six album in nearly a decade, the band has achieved newfound lyrical and musical depth and breadth, especially evident in the space the ensemble creates in these nine songs, each hook and melody responding to Terri's lyrical turns of phrase, the musicians listening and reacting to each other with sensitivity. Recorded in a handful of studios during the past year - with a few tracks prereleased as digital singles - the music stretches in surprising aural directions while holding together as a cohesive set, a collection of songs that should be listened to from beginning to end.

A highlight of the set is the song Strobe Light Nights, co-penned with the band and sung by close friend and former Walkabouts bandmate Chris Eckman

Drums & Wires Recordings can't wait to share this excellent new album with you. Don't wait! Get the CD, dust off your headphones, relax in your most comfy chair, and prepare yourself for a musical journey that's sure to bring you back for repeated spins, hearing subtle new sounds and lyrical meaning with each listen.

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