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songs collected september promo cover

Eleven New Songs

Terri Tarantula Downpilot
Loose Wing Chris Eckman 
Michael Shuler JR Rhodes
glimmer Johnny Sangster
Long Wasted Greg Dember
Mike Dumovich  

Album Out December 4th - Preorders Available Now!

Supporter packages

Be a part of the making of this album!
Limited quantity of 30 - 17 remaining

* This opportunity ends Wednesday, October 28*

songs collected september promo cover + DWR Best Of 2020 cover tinified

Preorder Your Package Now - Choose the amount you would like to contribute: $100 to $800

If you have questions and wish to connect with us about being a Supporter in the making of this album, please contact us

Check out the Executive Producer and Standard packages that are also available

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Thank you for your support  Drums & Wires is dreaming big and we invite you to join us. Making this album a reality requires recording, art and graphic design, manufacturing, and promotion, lots of promotion. In addition to offering pre-sales of the album in CD and digital download formats, we are seeking a small group of sponsors such as you to play a founding role as a Supporter or Executive Producer. And we’ve got some special, limited edition goods to thank you for your contribution.

Most importantly, your support will help us recoup our costs, putting money back into the hands of these artists much more quickly. Musicians are at the heart of everything we do at Drums & Wires. From presenting great music in our website catalog, to promoting and managing sales and order fulfillment, we work in partnership with artists to get their music heard by a wider audience. Getting this compilation album released and properly promoted will enable Drums & Wires Recordings to build on the exciting momentum we’ve already begun.

Thank you.

Michael Wells - Seattle, September 2020