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Lawnmowers artist

The Lawnmowers

Imagine a jam with Frank Black, Matthew Sweet and Neil Young and you begin to get what The Lawnmowers music is all about. The Lawnmowers were sonwriter/singer/gutiarists Andy Davenhall (Dodi, Sister Psychic, Pure Joy) and James Palmer (Ottoman BigwigsThe BolosDodi, Long Wasted), drummer Ron Carnell (Tina ChoppNicholas VromanOttomoan Bigwigs) and bassist Pat Pedersen.

"Effortlessly sounds familiar yet fresh, with catchy vocal hooks that stay in your head so long they seem like they've always been there."

"Lawnmowers have the uncanny knack of sucking audiences out of their apathetic slouches."

"Long Live The Lawnmowers!"

Tamara Paris, The Stranger

Lawnmowers cover

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