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art by Tony Kroes    Contact  

The Walkabouts have always supported the non-commercial recording and trading of our concerts. In that spirit, we are very excited about the existence of "The Walkabouts Archives" and thankful to all those involved in setting it up.  ~ The Walkabouts

Chris Carla cover compilation finalChris & Carla – A compilation of coversongs 

13 coverversions recorded live between 1998 and 2008. Setlist and artwork included in the download.


john paisleyAt John and Paisley's 

A rainy late February Sunday in Seattle. A gathering of souls for friendship and mostly acoustic music - featuring the epic Interstellar  Observatory, Terry Lee Hale (with harmonica!), and a never heard original song and cover from the Walkabouts. Magic from 1988.

Downloads: Walkabouts & Terry Lee Hale  |  Interstellar

Look Up 100x100The Walkabouts - Look Up – live on tour 2002

Video and audio compilation of their tour in Europe, including artwork by Tony Kroes.

Downloads: Video | Audio | Artwork

WaldkirchThe Walkabouts - 1990-05-25 Waldkirch, Germany

This is a special request for one of the first shows The Walkabouts played in Germany in a real small venue. Surely not the best sound, but of great historical value. I`m sure Carla has some memories of that, she used to live in Freiburg in another lifetime. Enjoy!


CavernThe Walkabouts - In Your Museum: The Cavern Club / Hollywood, CA / Nov. 23, 1985

A very early Walkabouts show including artwork by Tony Kroes.


berlinapThe Walkabouts – LIVE DUST EUROPE 2012 – The Berlin Album Appendix

A compilation of songs The Walkabouts played on their tour 2012, but have not been released on the official album. A perfect addition to the "Berlin" album. A special thanks to Tony Kroes for the original artwork.


Seattle1998The Walkabouts1998-12-12 Seattle Crocodile Cafe

A unique gig:

The only live show the band played in 1998
Only songs from their album “Trail of stars”, never played live before
First show with Fred Chalenor as their bass player
One never released track (Call me back again)


lazy horseLazy Horse - Orange Blossom Festival 03.06.2001 (Video)

Lazy Horse are "Go To Blazes with Chris & Carla" plus Neil Casal and others. The band existed only for one show and played only, you guessed it, Neil Young songs.


hostThe period of electronic excursions:
“i”: 2003/04/23 Jewelbox Theatre @ Rendezvous Cafe, Seattle, WA.
“D”: 2000/03/18 View Hall, Ballard, WA.
“HÖST”: 2000/03/18 Beelitz Heilstätten, Berlin, D

Including artwork by Tony Kroes


2 meter sessions pic 100x100The Walkabouts - 1992/94/96

Excerpts from the 2 Meter Sessions, VPRO - Netherlands National Radio 


backstageThe Walkabouts – Rag and Bone release party, The Backstage Seattle, 1990-03-02

Including artwork by Tony Kroes


Carla website picCarla Torgerson & Terry Lee Hale - 2002-07-11

Seattle, Tractor Tavern - One of a kind show with Terri Moeller Pearson and Ann Marie Ruljanic.


Walks Bob Dylan tribute frontThe Walkabouts - live Seattle 2001-01-19

A concert at the Experience Music Project, Seattle pays tribute to the songs of Bob Dylan from 1965 to 1967. Recorded straight from the soundboard. 


munich96The Walkabouts - 1996-02-26

Alabama Halle Munich - DVD - Artwork (right click "save as")


Walks Seattle 1990 frontThe Walkabouts - live Seattle 1990-08-06 

Acoustic Trio (Chris, Carla & Michael) at Backstage, Seattle. A little bit poor sound (audience recording), but highly interesting.


Walks Frankfurt 1992 frontThe Walkabouts - Live Frankfurt, 1992-08-17

A show from their German tour in 1992.  Audience recording.


RoskildeThe Walkabouts - 1993-07-03 Roskilde Festival incl. backstage interview

APRIL 1st UPDATE: new files remastered uploaded, better sound & many corrections!

APRIL 4th UPDATE: backstage interview is again included.


RocknrollfriendsChris Eckman & friends

Live covers collection.


bumbershootThe Walkabouts - "Power Acid Rock from Seattle"

The Walkabouts live @ Bumbershoot, Seattle, Sept.6, 1987


Shoe Box 1The Walkabouts - 1992-02-15 Amsterdam Melkweg

The first „shoe box“ release. A real pearl in sound and performance straight from the genuine Walkabouts archive. Artwork by Tony Kroes, mastered by Thomas Mattern.


Freiburg1999The Walkabouts - 1999-09-17 Freiburg

An excellent sounding full show from their 1999 tour in Europe. With special guest Elaine DiFranco. Includes two fillers from the opening act Willard Grant Conspiracy. This upload is dedicated to our beloved friend Robert Fisher (R.I.P. / † 2017). New upload with debugged sound.


artworkDVD 1997The Walkabouts - 1997-09-14

Rockpalast - Kantine Köln - DVD


townesThe Walkabouts - 1997-02-04 Townes van Zandt tribute, Seattle

An evening remembering some wonderful Townes van Zandt songs, who died just short before. Special guests on track 5 are Gary Heffern and Michael Schuler.


shineThe Walkabouts - 2003-10-07 Cologne, Germany, Kantine

An excellent sounding recording with a beautiful setlist and awesome fillers. (for details see included artwork)


A big thank you goes to The Walkabouts for inspiring and supporting this side.

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Web: Stefano Dainese