Drums & Wires Donates First Year Profit to Lifelong.org 

In memory of Joshua Patrick Wells

It's been a whirlwind startup year for our little music catalog and record label in the making and we are so happy to be donating our first year profits to Lifelong.org, delivering food, housing, and health services to people living with chronic illnesses, including HIV and AIDS (formerly NW AIDS Foundation, Chicken Soup Brigade and Evergreen Wellness Advocates), is an essential and we 

We are thrilled to announce our final 2019 addition to the Drums & Wires catalog 


Michael Shuler has traveled a journey similar to label founder Michael Wells, getting his start playing in Los Angeles bands at legendary venues such as Madam Wong's, Club Lingerie and the Whiskey, eventually making his way to Seattle where he connected with the Belltown and Grange Rock/No Depression music scenes playing his own wonderful brand of country-folk-rock.

We are honored to be able to present all three of Michael's excellent albums as part of the Drums & Wires Recordings catalog.


Click here to learn more about Michael Shuler's music.

Singer-songwriter Multi-instrumentalist Jon Hyde Joins Drums & Wires! 

We're super happy to announce that Jon Hyde has joined the Drums & Wires family!

Jon is a beloved Northwest-based musician who in addition to making his own solo records and playing killer pedal steel in his excellent country band 1 Uppers is always busy recording and performing with a wide variety of artists (The Walkabouts, The Transmissionary Six, Girl Singer and glimmer, to name a few), and there's one simple reason for that... he's a versatile and amazing musician, and an all-around lovely human being.

Head on over to Jon's artist page to learn more about him and explore his solo recordings.

Portland, OR band Gin & Tillyanna join the Drums & Wires Family! 

November is a busy month for the label. We're expanding beyond the cozy environs of Seattle and we couldn't be more thrilled to be adding our Portland, Oregon rock & roll friends Gin & Tillyanna to the catalog!

Tough, vulnerable... these are words that come to mind when describing the music of Jodi Birenbaum and her band Gin & Tillyanna. Comparisons to Chrissie Hynde and Pat Benatar are inevitable, but Birenbaum brings something more empowered to the table.


Learn more about Gin & Tillyanna

Welcome Llama to Drums & Wires Recordings 

The third and final installment in our series of Rusty Willoughby's prolific music making... introducing Llama featuring Rusty, Scott Sutherland, Jim Hunnicutt and Johnny Sangster, with an appearance by Kurt Bloch tinkering behind the recording console. 

Llama's sound can best be described as super melodic, post-punk power pop that fits perfectly in the spectrum between the wry new wave pop of Squeeze and the darker punk-pop edge of the Buzzcocks. 


GO HERE to learn more about LLama and get a sampling of their sounds.

Pure Joy Joins Drums & Wires Recordings! 

Continuing with our month of welcoming the music of Rusty Willoughby to Drums & Wiires, we are very pleased to add the early-mid '80s psychedelic rock music of Pure Joy to the catalog! 

Pure Joy (originally the Dwindles) were heavily influenced by the UK's preeminent  purveyors of new wave neo-psychedelia during that period, Teardrop Explodes (in fact taking their name from a Teardrop song) and to a lesser extent the post-punk Chameleons U.K. with whom they would eventually tour. It's their British musical influences that mostly defined the group's sound, setting them apart from their Seattle musical peers at the time.  

Original members were Rusty Willoughby (songwriter, lead singer, guitar), Lisa King (bass), Jim Hunnicutt (drums, vocals), with Randy Willoughby (keyboards and album art) joining after the first EP.

Get the full scoop on Pure Joy HERE!

Introducing Rusty Willoughby 

From his formative days in the early-mid 1980's as songwriter and bandleader of Seattle band the Dwindles (later to change their name to Pure Joy), a lysergic rock band in the vein of the UK's neo-psychedelic Teardrop Explodes, to his emergence as power punk pop contender first signed to Lisa Fancher's Frontier Records and then Epic Records fronting the formidable Flop in the '90s, and a whole bunch of solo records in recent years, Rusty Willoughby's prolificness is virtually unmatched among his peers. 

In the past decade Willoughby's creative output has continued unabated, recording a spate of superb, mostly self-released solo and project albums.

Drums & Wires Recordings is proud to have added Rusty's music to our catalog and we look forward to collaborating with him for future releases!

You can learn more about Rusty and listen to his music HERE.

4 Hr. Ramona welcomed to the Drums & Wires Catalog! 

It is with huge excitement that we're announcing the addition of 4 Hr. Ramona to the Drums & Wires Recordings catalog!

4 Hr. Ramona was one of the first bands to make our list of coveted artists we hoped to eventually present in the catalog... and at long last we got 'em! 

Led by the unabashedly loud and confident twin-guitar attack and slashing vocals of dual front-people Rich Brisbois (The Buckets, Acme Band, and more recently Lava) and Lisa Brisbois (known for her years spent in the ranks of Seattle's kick ass AC/DC tribute band Hell's Belles), 4 Hr. Ramona unleashed some of the most thoroughly exciting, unapologetic rock music to come out of Seattle that you've probably never heard.

Head on over to the 4 Hr. Ramona artist page to learn more about the group and their music.

Nicholas Vroman joins the Drums & Wires Recordings Catalog! 

Drums & Wires Recordings is proud to be adding to our ever growing catalog the music of another Belltown artist, introducing Nicholas Vroman!  

Nicholas writes and records songs with subject matter and vocal delivery comparable to the sort of disquiet typically considered the jurisdiction of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, and we like that about him. 

The sinuous and sharp bass and drum interplay, Gypsy tinged violin and broken bottleneck sliding across guitar fretboard found on Vroman's recordings conjure a burlesque mood, all thick smoke, mirrors, shadows, and creeky doors.

You can learn more about Nicholas Vroman, and listen to some of his music, HERE.

Chris Eckman Music Added to Drums & Wires Catalog! 

We are very excited to finally be announcing the addition of Chris Eckman's solo music to the Drums & Wires Recordings catalog!

Chris' songwriting has had a big impact on D&WR founder Michael Wells, in no small part due to the fact that they have been bandmates in The Walkabouts for many years. Here are a few more things that Michael has to say about Chris' music...

Very few songwriters have had the impact on me that my musical compadre Chris Eckman as had. When I joined his band I was a capable bass player, but I did not yet understand how my musical contributions could truly serve the song. I learned about this playing with Chris and the rest of The Walkabouts (I think we all learned it together), and to me this ability to transcend our individual parts for the sake of the song, especially when it has meant playing less, not more, is one of the things that is the most rewarding to me as a musician.

When I started Drums & Wires Recordings I knew that I wanted to present Chris's music. I also knew that the words I would choose to describe his music would need to be carefully chosen if I were to succeed in capturing the many musical, lyrical and emotional textures contained within his songs. I have now finished my task, and it's up to you to decide if I have been successful.

Click here to check out Chris' solo albums