Chris Eckman Music Added to Drums & Wires Catalog! 

We are very excited to finally be announcing the addition of Chris Eckman's solo music to the Drums & Wires Recordings catalog!

Chris' songwriting has had a big impact on D&WR founder Michael Wells, in no small part due to the fact that they have been bandmates in The Walkabouts for many years. Here are a few more things that Michael has to say about Chris' music...

Very few songwriters have had the impact on me that my musical compadre Chris Eckman as had. When I joined his band I was a capable bass player, but I did not yet understand how my musical contributions could truly serve the song. I learned about this playing with Chris and the rest of The Walkabouts (I think we all learned it together), and to me this ability to transcend our individual parts for the sake of the song, especially when it has meant playing less, not more, is one of the things that is the most rewarding to me as a musician.

When I started Drums & Wires Recordings I knew that I wanted to present Chris's music. I also knew that the words I would choose to describe his music would need to be carefully chosen if I were to succeed in capturing the many musical, lyrical and emotional textures contained within his songs. I have now finished my task, and it's up to you to decide if I have been successful.

Click here to check out Chris' solo albums

Mike Dumovich joins the Drums & Wires Recordings catalog 

We're feeling mighty honored to be adding the music of Mike Dumovich to the Drums & Wires Recordings catalog, and we can conjure no better words to describe the magic of Mike's music than what Jesse Solomon Sykes has so generously written. 

"...Like so many snippets written about songs and songwriters, it’s hard to employ language to describe feelings that exist beneath and beyond tongue and tooth, beneath the armored chest plate that shelters heart and soul. I’ve walked through the landscape’s of Mike Dumovich’s music many times in my dreams and waking hours. I have etched out in my mind the locale of all the discarded remnants of machine fragments, dismembered engines, axles and wheels with no hope for deployment. The fluorescing shells of insects, the sound of a swallow’s wing clipping the air, ACRES-- of land sowed by farmers you never see, their ghosts etching magical patterns, hewing wheat filled hill sides..."

- Jesse Sykes (7/17/19)

Check it out for yourself and read more of Jesse's words... 

Earl Brooks: Celebrating One of Drums & Wires' First Catalog Artists! 

In his role booking bands at watering holes and music venues such as the now legendary Two Bells Tavern to recent residencies at Cafe Racer, as well as producing cable access TV show Bongo Corral, Earl Brooks has been a dedicated supporter of indie music and a purveyor of fine tunes in Seattle for a very long time.

Over the years Earl has led such bands as the Wigglin' Tatters, Blood of the Lamb Band and Crop Circles.

Here are a few more words written about Earl for the Seattle Weekly by Gwen Elliott:

"For every Seattle band that hits the big time, an incalculable number continue to labor on the scene below the radar. One such artist is Earl Brooks... Combining the calculated, slow drawl of Cass McCombs with the world-weary melancholy of Townes Van Zandt, Brooks is proof positive that if you love what you do but can’t get a break, you just have to find a place to hunker down and hammer it out any way you can."

Head on over to our Crop Circles artist page to learn more about Earl and his music!

Greg Dember joins the Drums & Wires Recordings Catalog! 

We recently saw Greg Dember in a rare show with his full band and we were so entranced by his music that we had to ask him to join the Drums & Wires Recordings catalog, and he said yes! 

Here are a few words about Greg and his music, "...a singer, pianist, ukulelist and writer of wonderfully imaginative and downright catchy songs about everyday people; shining a light on the extraordinary and the mundane that exists within us all."

What's not to love about that?!

Check out Greg's artist page to read more and explore his music. We're pretty sure you'll love it as much as we do.