4 Hr. Ramona welcomed to the Drums & Wires Catalog!

It is with huge excitement that we're announcing the addition of 4 Hr. Ramona to the Drums & Wires Recordings catalog!

4 Hr. Ramona was one of the first bands to make our list of coveted artists we hoped to eventually present in the catalog... and at long last we got 'em! 

Led by the unabashedly loud and confident twin-guitar attack and slashing vocals of dual front-people Rich Brisbois (The Buckets, Acme Band, and more recently Lava) and Lisa Brisbois (known for her years spent in the ranks of Seattle's kick ass AC/DC tribute band Hell's Belles), 4 Hr. Ramona unleashed some of the most thoroughly exciting, unapologetic rock music to come out of Seattle that you've probably never heard.

Head on over to the 4 Hr. Ramona artist page to learn more about the group and their music.

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