Mike Dumovich joins the Drums & Wires Recordings catalog

We're feeling mighty honored to be adding the music of Mike Dumovich to the Drums & Wires Recordings catalog, and we can conjure no better words to describe the magic of Mike's music than what Jesse Solomon Sykes has so generously written. 

"...Like so many snippets written about songs and songwriters, it’s hard to employ language to describe feelings that exist beneath and beyond tongue and tooth, beneath the armored chest plate that shelters heart and soul. I’ve walked through the landscape’s of Mike Dumovich’s music many times in my dreams and waking hours. I have etched out in my mind the locale of all the discarded remnants of machine fragments, dismembered engines, axles and wheels with no hope for deployment. The fluorescing shells of insects, the sound of a swallow’s wing clipping the air, ACRES-- of land sowed by farmers you never see, their ghosts etching magical patterns, hewing wheat filled hill sides..."

- Jesse Sykes (7/17/19)

Check it out for yourself and read more of Jesse's words... 

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