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Same Old Hunters cover 300x300

Same Old Hunters
Claire Tucker
4-song CD + Download: $5.99
Download: $3.99

Tickets and Tapes, the first single from Claire Tucker's debut EP, is a lovely and wistful melody that shimmers with woozy guitar and delicate piano."

- Andrew Boe, Three Imaginary Girls

"Tucker is a talented chameleon. Her band Loose Wing made a worthy, ’80s-R.E.M.-ish album last year, and she also guitars for louder shoegazers Black Nite Crash. But in reserving these four songs for a solo EP, she’s got a third, distinctive tact: lovely chamber folk... it’s the spareness of shimmery beds like Mary of Rain, and Tucker’s embedding her siren vocals into them, that lends Same Old Hunters a dreamlike state. Such ghostly warmth and gentle beauty show she’s aced this genre, too."

- Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover

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