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Eleven New Songs

Terri Tarantula Downpilot
Loose Wing Chris Eckman 
Michael Shuler JR Rhodes
glimmer Johnny Sangster
Long Wasted Greg Dember
Mike Dumovich  

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Songs Collected   A year ago, when I began asking musicians for the songs you’re about to listen to on this record, no one could have foreseen the global pandemic and righteous uprising for racial equity and justice awaiting us just around the corner. Whether or not it was the intention of these artists, their songs offered here speak directly to the times we’re living in, and all that we're feeling... the isolation, fear, grief, anger, love, hope, empowerment, and not least our need for release; for some tears, for a good laugh, for a good song. You can hear deep catharsis in these words and in these performances. I hope you’re able to find and lose yourself in these songs as much as I have.

Michael Wells