Drums & Wires is waiving 100% of our share of sales until midnight June 30th, 2020 so we can put more money in the hands of our artists.

Since launching Drums & Wires Recordings last year I have been awed by just how deep this community of musicians is. It has been an honor and a privilege to curate and present all of these artists in a new light, and along the way I've rediscovered how interconnected these artists are to each other... a true community in every sense of the word.  

Like so many communities during this time of crisis and uncertainty, artists are vulnerable. We rely upon public performance to earn our meager living, and our day jobs are often interconnected to the music ecosystem; indie labels, record stores, recording studios, venues, and of course the restaurants and bars we depend upon for work... all of this is in severe jeopardy with no end in sight... and the dominoes just keep falling.

Browse our catalog, take a chance on two or three artists who might be unknown to you, and please purchase a download, or a CD or vinyl... or some of all! Even if you think you don't need to own the music because you can just stream it, do it for the musicians. And who knows, you might just stumble upon your new favorite solo artist or band.

As the great Eddie Van Halen once said, "We're musicians. We make music for a living. Nothing else matters." 

Thank you for loving and supporting the music... it often does feel as though nothing else matters. 

Michael Wells