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Best of D&WR 2021
Claire Tucker - Interior Monolith
Transmissionary Six
Chris Eckman - Where the Spirit Rests
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 Interior Monolith Out Now

Interior Monolith
Claire Tucker

Mining ‘80s electronic, synth-pop, rock and new wave, Claire Tucker’s bold new solo album Interior Monolith seems to be a departure from the wistful chamber-pop sounds of her debut solo EP Same Old Hunters. Listen closely and you’ll hear threads that weave through all her work - lyrics that draw you in, the deeply emotive character of her voice, and her killer sense of melody.

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Chris Eckman Where The Spirit Rests 300x300

Where the Spirit Rests
Chris Eckman

"...one can hear the depth of his life’s scars in his voice, and the meditative joy of his playing, burning with intelligence and dark emotion. You never want to live through some things again, but great art captures exactly what happened, no matter how chilling or terrifying, and it’s what you’ll find on Where the Spirit Rests."  - The Big Takeover

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